About Me

My background is in Computer Software and Embedded Systems with a focus on firmware, RTL, and application-level design. I’ve worked cross-functionally in the aviation, aerospace, medical devices, autonomous vehicle, and most recently, AI hardware space. I’ve managed teams of engineers from a variety of disciplines to build user-centric products. And I’m absolutely crazy about PowerPoint.

I grew up in a small New York City apartment and moved upstate to the frigid land of Cornell University where I obtained my Bachelors and Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering. While not pulling all-nighters in electronics labs, I tried my hand at a number of leadership endeavors: running for student government, creating maker-spaces, coordinating engineers and researchers to build medical devices for the third world, and coaching students in public speaking. I now work out of the Bay Area for a startup called Cerebras Systems.

I love building organizations and great products. However, while not single-mindedly pursuing this goal, I enjoy a fair number of outdoor activities, writing, photography, and speaking at toastmasters meet-ups.

Thanks for visiting my site! Interested in talking? Feel free to send a message my way and I’ll respond as soon as I can.